Meet Our Team 

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Liz Wise

Director of Counselling, Facilitator of the Surrey and London Groups and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer

"I had severe PND after both my daughters and have been running the groups since 1992."


Daniela Brown

Joint Chair and Trustee

"As a Trustee, I'm part of a wider team who are involved in the day to day running of the charity and i also support with fundraising. The charity was a massive support and help to me after the birth of my son and I am delighted to be able to help them continue their amazing work."

Liz O'Donovan

Joint Chair and Trustee

"Having had a good experience as a first time mum, I developed PND after the birth of my second child. A postnatal doula I had contacted found The Cedar House Support for me. I knew from the first meeting that this group was special and Cedar House was invaluable in my recovery. When I was pregnant with my third child I developed antenatal depression and as my due date approached I contacted Liz who invited me to join the group. Again I found it an amazing support. This time I did not develop PND, and when my daughter was 9 months old I asked if there was anything I could do to help the charity. I joined the charity as a trustee, to be involved with decision making and also support with fundraising." 

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Abby Brockett

Trustee and Safeguarding Lead

"After suffering with PND after both of my children. I turned to The Cedar House Support Group which helped me through the darkest time in my life."


"I have now become a Trustee and I help with making decisions with the other board members as well as organise and support fundraising events. I have recently taken on the Role of The Safeguarding Lead, working and supporting Kirsty develop and update our policies and procedures."  

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Laura Ingenhaag


"I suffered with postnatal depression and anxiety following the birth of my daughter and, although I had fantastic care from the NHS and perinatal team, Liz Wise and Cedar House really did save my life and help me on the road to recovery. Cedar House also has a big focus on perinatal mental health in men, and my husband was able to attend a support group run by Liz, which was a good way for him to feel a part of my recovery. Meeting other women with similar feelings and experiences, and of course Liz's vast experience counselling women with PND was an invaluable part of my treatment and recovery from this devastating illness. Professionally, I have a medical background and I hope to be able to help with the running of the charity and contribute to fundraising planning, safeguarding and training so that many more families can continue to benefit from this amazing charity's work."

Natalie Hawkins

Trustee and Secretary

I was fortunate enough to discover Cedar House following the birth of my second child. Whilst I was lucky to also receive fantastic care from a specialist NHS perinatal mental health team, Cedar House provided something unique in its creation of a safe and special space in which I could share my experiences openly, and without fear of judgement, with women who understood.


Recognising the vital role Cedar House played in my own recovery, since leaving the group I have been a passionate advocate for the charity. Professionally, I have worked in mental health for many years, with a particular interest in attachment and parental mental health. My experience, both personally and professionally, evidences that, with timely and appropriate support, women can recover fully from perinatal distress and live meaningful lives within themselves and also with their families. I feel privileged to have joined as a trustee in January 2021, and I look forward to supporting the charity in reaching more women and their babies.


Ruth Brownlow

Treasurer and Fundraising Lead 

I was fortunate enough to have The Cedar House Support Group recommended by a friend as where to turn to when, having developed ante-natal depression early in my second pregnancy, I was clearly still unwell following her birth. I had struggled to find support that helped but my first session with the group left me feeling I had finally found people who understood what i was going through. The groups helped my recovery beyond measure and I hope what i can achieve through my role on the Board will go someway to showing my gratitude. 

Kirsty Warnett

Website Administrator and Designated Safeguarding Officer

I suffered with severe PND after the birth of my daughter in March 2016. I luckily found Liz and the charity after googling for support and I contacted Liz immediately. Liz and the ladies in the groups supported me through the most challenging and darkest part of my life and I couldn't be more thankful.


I have organised 3 Fundraising quiz night events with the help of Abby, Liz and Liz's husband and each one has been a huge success. I joined the committee and I assist in making decisions in the day to day running of the charity and I also support with other fundraising events. I maintain and update the website and have recently taken on the role of Designated Safeguarding Officer, within this role I update our safeguarding policies and will be supporting with the training for all our staff and volunteers. I cannot thank Liz and the charity enough and want to continue to help and support them.


Preya Chauhan

Social Media Administrator 

I am volunteering on our social media platforms as a thank you for all the support I have received whilst recovering from PND over the last few years.  


I have a diverse background ranging from researching for the BBC, running Regional Arts Development projects and Events Managing for Walsall Met Council on Cultural and Community events.  At 30 I followed my bliss and retrained to become a Holistic Therapist offering Reflexology as part of my business Cherish Healing.  Along side this, I've worked for several years establishing a Dementia department as part of a residential village in the West Midlands.