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The Year 2020: PND, Covid and Me

With Love, Anonymous

This has been, without a shadow of a doubt, the hardest year of my life. To briefly summarise: My husband and I moved house, bought our first home, discovered I was pregnant, I started a new job and he moved his business from London. To add more spice to mix, I was terrified of childbirth which was then timely followed by a global pandemic and very limited maternity support. Add to this disagreements around Covid and voilà the perfect storm in a teacup which would test even the most resilient of people.

I didn’t realise I was suffering from Postnatal Depression (PND). In fact I dismissed suggestions that I might have been depressed as poppycock because I wasn’t sad, rather I was intensely angry or anxious.

I still haven’t had a real diagnosis because there just isn’t the support from the NHS, although thankfully I’m feeling a lot better now.

What my family really needed was support from healthcare professionals, especially as first time parents struggling under lockdown.

Our little family is still reeling from the effects of lockdown but our son is doing fantastically and remains a source of delight throughout this tumultuous period.

I have chosen to share my story because hopefully with increased awareness and openness there will be better support for young families. The NSPCC have started a campaign to increase support for perinatal health care under the NHS. If you would like to support it by signing the petition please

follow the link below:


With love,


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