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The charity was set up in 2004 by Liz Wise and a mother that she had supported through postnatal depression.

Our aim is to provide a lifeline to parents experiencing this debilitating illness at a time when you are supposedly meant to be happy and content, not depressed, anxious and perhaps unable to enjoy your new baby. Every person involved has their story and we are here to make sure yours has a happy ending.

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Message from Anne Milton, MP


We are delighted to publish the following message of support from Anne Milton, Member of Parliament for Guildford and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Public Health.


"Having a baby is a wonderful event in people's lives, but it can also be a very difficult time. Postnatal depression is much more common than many people think and often women are left feeling alone and unsupported. I would like to congratulate The Cedar House Support Group for the way it offers what I know will be a lifeline to many".

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The Cedar House Support Group‘Embracing Support for Postnatal Depression’


Registered Charity Number: 1105686 

 07773 283556

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